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About us

The Penny Name

In the 18th century the term ‘Penny University’ originated from the coffeehouses in London, England. These coffeehouses were popular especially among university students. The social and intellectual discussions and daily happenings that take place in these coffeehouses were sometimes perceived as more informative than the lectures in the universities by the students. And yet the coffeehouses gathered many eclectic groups under the same roof. The fact that the cost of a cup of coffee was only a penny led the term’s origination as Penny University. It is also believed that London and New York Stock Exchanges were formed from the culture created by the Penny Universities.
The name Penny Blooms&Beans was inspired from this particular foundation of the term with the intention of supporting social and intellectual lives of its clients.
Today after 7 years of operations, Penny has opened its studio in London with the same motto and seeks the best environment possible for its clients.