Privacy Policy

In line with its service philosophy focused on customer satisfaction and security, Penny Blooms&Beans Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Penny”) complies with the following essential principles in order to protect the privacy of any information that you may provide to the Penny corporate website (hereinafter referred to as “Penny Website”):

  • Only information related to product/service order or any update of existing information may be submitted through the Penny website.
  • Necessary steps were taken to secure the confidentiality of the information submitted to the website. None of the information submitted by our customers to Penny Website can be displayed by other the internet users. This information will not be used in any means of communication unless requested by our customers. Unauthorized access to customer information is restricted even to Penny personnel.
  • Penny will not expose such information to any other individual, agency, or organization without the customers’ consent and/or with a legally defined and bound request.
  • Penny may not expose such information to any parties except it is required by the law. If any regulatory, lawmaking, or enforcement agency or authority to which Penny responsible requires such information to be exposed, Penny will do so only within the framework of authorized requirements.
  • In addition to its internal links, Penny Website may contain links to other websites. Our Privacy Policy apply only at the Penny Website. If you transfer to another website from Penny Website through a link provided at our site, the privacy and security terms and conditions of that particular website will apply. Penny cannot be held responsible for any tangible or intangible losses or damages that may originate from the use of information, ethical principles, confidentiality principles, or the quality or nature of service of any other website visited through an advertisement, banner, content, or other reason contained on our website.
  • Penny may obtain support services from outside organizations for various parts of its lines of business. In such cases, Penny will ensure that those organizations comply with Penny privacy standards and conditions.
  • All information and materials contained on Penny Website and the rights applicable to them are the sole property of Penny. These rights include but are not limited to copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property, and all other rights of ownership are retained by Penny.


With regards,
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